Find Help For a Unit Event

One of the services the Circle Ten Shooting Sports Committee is the “Find Help for a Unit Event”. If you need help with a Shooting Sports event, we can let certified NRA instructors/RSOs/Archery and BB Gun adult leaders who have expressed an interest in helping other unit with their shooting sports events. If you need help send an email to or (both go to the same person. In the email include as much information as possible on exactly what help you need, where and when you need it and one or more methods of contacting the requestor.

With the move to the iHub, your request will be posted in the appropriate Shooting Sports Channels. Leaders who have join these channels will get notifications of the posting. They can then go to the site and get the details, and information on how to contact you to volunteer. We do not track who or if anyone volunteers anymore. It is very important that you include all the needed information on the first request, with iHub it takes a day or two to get posted so as much lead time as you can provide is beneficial to your event.

Information to Provide:

Unit (type/number) i.e. Troop 876
Needs RSO (number of), Shotgun Instructor (number of) , Rifle Instructor (number of) ,etc
Where Camp Wisdom
When Saturday Jan, 18, 2020
Contact Robert Reuscher, my email address and/or my phone number (how ever you want to be contact), if you don’t include this information, I will use the email address I got the email from but it better to include it.

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